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What does it take to make forward progress on a management problem?

Change Management Models

There are many change management models out there and, like any undertaking, having a model for the work is helpful. Small firms rarely need a complex model. John Kotter’s work is clear and may be used effectively by firms of any size.

First Step - Urgency

Kotter’s first step is Urgency. We have to start with mindset for any serious endeavor. And when you have selected an area that you are determined to improve this year, Urgency is an attitude that will greatly increase the speed and effectiveness of the transition.

Communicating Urgency

Picture meeting with staff and explaining that there is a serious problem with X. Leadership has met, there is a draft process in place. The next step is to meet with staff to get their ideas and input. This is a really important problem.

The staff meetings will be scheduled (three different firms pick different timelines):

a) Next week.

b) Beginning in March.

c) In the 3rd quarter.

You are a staff member. What do you think of when you hear each one of these options?

a) O.K., this is a serious problem, and they want to make fixing it a priority.

b) Not sure how important it is or if they really want my input in March, but I’m game when they’re ready.

c) Yeah, right. I doubt anyone will even remember we talked about this by October.

Staff have their own work to do. Any change you want to implement must include them appropriately. More on that in a subsequent post. The important thing to remember is, to select items to change that you can support in urgency, planning and communication. Most change initiatives fail due to the lack of one or more of these key areas. Lack of urgency alone can be enough to sabotage your efforts.

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