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Your company is working, you have plenty of work coming in the door. One problem, you are not happy. The profitability does not seem to be there. Or is it?



About Melanie McDonald

Having over 30 years of business experience; I have seen, firsthand, how difficult it is for women to get the support, leadership and training they need. It is even more difficult for women of color. Let's work together on skill-building and figure out how you can successfully manage the company you want to have.


My first budgetary responsibility was for a small part of an organization, 30k/year. Eventually, I managed a 10 million annual budget. My first team was a crew of five. I have managed workers at all levels and developed leaders from front line staff.

If you have a firm that is simply not working the way think it should or you are bogged down by accounts receivable or other financial management headaches, maybe I can be of assistance.

Your first step is to contact me. I want to hear what's bothering you. Let's get started!

Real Deal Examples

Real Deal Examples

Dollar Bill in Jar

Real Deal Examples of Accounts Receivable Challenges and Solutions

Improve your cash flow today without selling your accounts receivable!

If you can see your organizational Accounts Receivable problems in any of the examples below, rest assured you can improve your cash situation and soon!

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