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Lies and Damn Lies Your Legal Practice Has About Collecting Accounts Receivable

Whether we say them out loud or we simply replay them in our mind, these untruths hurt your business.

1. There is nothing that can be done about our outstanding invoices.

2. Going after payment will either land us in front of the review board or facing negative reviews on social media which will adversely affect our overall business.

3. We are fine. All firm’s have clients who cannot or do not pay their invoices.

4. We add it to our Pro Bono work, and we do believe in helping the community.

5. We just bought Case Management software with invoicing and now that everything will be automated, that will take care of the problem.

Truth from Attorneys Who Own Their Own Firms

1. “We collected so much money, even during the pandemic. We needed a structure for our collection process.”

2. “We have received no negative reviews or complaints using your process and action steps.”

3. “While having some clients who cannot pay does occur, especially in family law, we can now manage the process while being authentic to our firm’s values.”

4. “We would rather choose our Pro Bono clients.” How much Pro Bono work can you afford to do?

5. “Case management software is a big help, especially the online payments through the invoice. But what we do is necessary to have the results we do now.”

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