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Is Team Building over?

A lot has been written about team building. Google ‘team building books’ if you do not believe me. And I have led many team building programs, from lunch meetings to day-long staff development training days to year long upper level management team development. I have developed functional, project focused teams and taught organizations how to do the same. Some teams need to come and go when the project is completed. And so it is with all of us. A Team is not magically created because we work together. A Team has to have trust, they have to want to be there and want the roles they have on the Team.

Why do you want a Team?

In my experience, a well-functioning team is a pleasure. More work gets done, it is of better quality overall, communications are easier and better, the customer is served better, and we are all happier in our jobs. Truthfully, no one works alone. Even if you are in a solo business, you have contractors, networking groups and others who are on your team, hopefully. If you think to any time when you thought things were going well for you, think about who was around you, supporting you. If you have played sports, that is an easy reference. How did you feel? How did you feel when you were no longer on that team?

Build a Team for Yourself

Here is how the world was created to work, we need each other. Some of us need more support in one area, less in another. To be our best, however, we need whatever it is we need. No judgement. Picture any/all aspects of your life, depending on whether you like to start with details or the big picture. Ask yourself if you are ready to improve or feel better about each or any aspect. If yes, pick one or more of the following to start building your own, personal to you, fabulous team.

  • Join a group (or more than one) that supports the issue, online for now, maybe in-person later. Could be an Accountability Group, learning roundtable, networking, whatever you want to have.

  • Find a coach/counselor/healer/Dr. to help make progress, i.e. hire a Professional.

  • Take a class and chat with classmates, form a group online (normally this is part of a class)

  • Hire an expert to teach you.

  • Ask your friends if they would be willing to support you in this area, define what that means so they know what to agree to or not.

  • Ask your family if they would be willing to support in this area, define what that means so they know what to agree to or not.

  • Ask someone you admire in this area to be your Mentor or join a Mentor/Mentee program available to you.

Real Team Building

Do not give up if some support does not work out. I have joined networking groups that were absolutely the wrong fit for me and my business. I have hired contractors, vendors and employees who were not a fit for me nor the team I was building. People have declined my request. They were not comfortable in the role I asked them to fill. You may have experienced outgrowing a team. That is all part of life. However, I believe 100%, that we can only do our best (and that is what I want for myself), when we are part of a team. I have the responsibility, to build a team that will support me where I am today and help me grow into the person I am becoming. You do too.

Life Categories Where You May Want Team Members

(Some examples given, not meant to be exhaustive.)


  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Management

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Mastery

  • Process Improvement

  • Customer Service

  • Quality

Faith (something bigger than just you)

  • Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, Imam, Lay-leader, Community Leader

  • Women’s Faith Group, Men’s Faith Group, Community Group

  • Classes

  • Book discussion group

  • Volunteering

Physical & Mental Health

  • Drs., Health Coaches, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Nutrition Counselors, Chiropractors, Counselors, Fitness Coaches, Professional Organizers

  • Support Groups for Veterans, for Single Parents, for people with any kind of addiction, for any kind of eating disorder, for pretty much anything.

  • Structured programs and classes, for any kind of disorder or physical challenge.

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